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    Rosa and Matthias met in Canada, married and moved to Germany where they are raising their three sons.

    They spent an awesome time in the beautiful city of Regensburg. Exploring the medieval city centre, sitting in the beergardens by the river, hiking across castle ruins. Also awesome that Austria was so close by - perfect for grand vacations in the Alps.

    Now they live south of Hamburg - in an area called "Altes Land". Apple orchards as far as you can see, river Elbe, and of course the planes taking off and landing at the Airbus plant in Finkenwerder.

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    Matthias is privileged to work at Airbus, enjoying the sight and sound of aircraft. On his way to work he passes by some A380s, the occasional BELUGA and sometimes even the A400M. He enjoys the occasional walk through the final assembly lines, still amazed how so much metal can actually fly.

    It's only fitting that Matthias actually holds a pilots license - even if it is only for a paraglider. Family duties have cut into the flying, but the wing is aching for some more time in the air. Thermalling with the birds, climbing 1.000 meters in a few minutes, spiralling to the ground. What a perfect balance to sitting in the office all day...

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    Rosa is living a real adventure - having moved from Canada to Germany with her husband. Learning a new culture and new language is exciting, challenging, fun and sometimes pure horror (just kidding on the horror bit).

    Her passion is cooking - traditional italian cuisine, recipes from her family in Calabria, german food and whatever looks delicious. Visitors are always treated and fed well - maybe one reason her extended family visits so often.

    Rosa's real passion however is family - her three sons and husband. The men certainly keep her busy and entertained - all day and night long.

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